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Escape to Rushmore 2015

Join us in the Black Hills of South Dakota on October 1-3, for some wild west history, breathtaking views and winding scenic roads. Drive your Porsche through this beautiful land, you’ll soon discover is the best way to experience this vast country.


Black Hills of South Dakota

The geography of the Black Hills is variable and magical. It changes significantly from the Badlands in the east to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Custer State Park in the southern Black Hills to the natural Devil’s Tower in the west.

This internationally popular tourist area provides an amazing range of touring and driving options. Whether you are ready for a beautiful scenic drive by internationally known monuments and tourist destinations, or you prefer the challenge of driving your Porsche through the twisty, hilly roads, Escape to Rushmore will not disappoint.



There will be plenty of opportunities to socialize during this Escape event. Zone 10 and the Nord Stern Region want to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy each other and the activities, sites and drives all headquartered out of Rapid City, South Dakota.


More To Come…

Throughout the upcoming months, you’ll see expanded descriptions of many great options available at Escape to Rushmore 2015. Make sure to mark your calendar now for October 1-3 and stop back here each month for more information on what this Escape has to offer.

Lots to see and lots to do for you and your Porsche!