Here are descriptions of some tours and drives you can choose.

As indicated, a tour will give you opportunities to visit tourist places and sites and view beautiful scenery. In a drive you’ll need to concentrate on the road. Choice of both kinds of enjoying your route and your Porsche is part of the Escape.


Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Of course, organized tours of these two internationally known monuments are integral to selections you can make at registration time. Each of the monuments has a brief description in PLACES TO VISIT on this website and website addresses are included for many of them. You’ll see you won’t be deprived and interesting and unique lunch will be included on several tours.


Northern Hills

On this scenic route we’ll see the beauty of the Northern Black Hills. On twisty two lane roads we go through the two prettiest and best known canyons in the area. Touring Vanocker Canyon has been written up in a number of magazines. Our tour includes an opportunity to see world famous Sturgis. We’ll make a lunch stop at a waterfall area in the middle of Spearfish Canyon with great food and wonderful fall colors.


Southern Hills

The Southern Black Hills is the home of Custer State Park and some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere. On several events we’ll be on both Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road, two roads that were laid out specifically to make the most of the natural scenery. Highlights include Sylvan Lake, the Needle’s Eye formation, Pigtail Bridges, and views of Mount Rushmore. Between these highlights we may see wild buffalo, burros, antelope, and more. We’ll be ready for a stop at the State Game Lodge (used as the summer White House by President Coolidge in 1927) and have things to talk about with lunch.


Sheridan Lake

You can take this quick route down some great two lane twisties right outside Rapid City. We’ll take the back roads to the town of Keystone, follow the 1880 Train’s steam engine tracks to Hill City, and go back to Rapid City on other back roads. Great roads, great views, and great fun just waiting for us!


Keystone, Custer and Hill City

Enjoy the view as we see both Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial on this route. On the switchbacks of the Blue Star Memorial Highway we climb the mountain to Sylvan Lake Lodge, then we go to the old mining towns of Custer and Hill City. On the return trip we drive down Sheridan Lake Road and have exceptional views of Skyline Drive.


Iron Mountain Road and Needles Highway

We’re on the two best-known touring roads in the Black Hills. Iron Mountain Road with its Pigtail Bridges and tunnels that frame Mount Rushmore is unforgettable. Needles Highway brings narrow tunnels and wonderful switchbacks that are just made for Porsches. We’ll see everything from wildlife to wineries along the way.


Black Hills Jewelry Factory

Craftspeople carry on the tradition of quality and excellence with every piece of Mt. Rushmore Black Hills Gold and diamond jewelry. You’ll see many steps involved in the handcrafting of a single delicate design. Each piece is cast, shaped, ground, polished, soldered, cleaned, wriggled and engraved by skilled artisans.

In the jewelry factory in Rapid City, you can watch up-close and learn the details of how gold jewelry is made. During the tour you’ll see the ancient process of lost-wax casting and how diamonds are shaped and cast in molten gold! Sign up for this visit at registration time.