Southern Hills

Head South through the Black Hills

Have fun wherever you go. No matter where you choose to drive, you’re on a drive with awesome variety. You’ll see great scenery and certainly want to stop at falls and lakes and spend time at national monuments.

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Driving South


Mount Rushmore 1         Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

You’ll probably spend nearly half a day at Mount Rushmore National Memorial looking and feeling history at this nationally famous carved granite sculpture. On formal Grandview Terrace you’ll be in beautiful modern design to appreciate sculpture that was most likely finished before you were born. You can walk on a tour with a ranger for detailed descriptions and a closer view of the memorial. Look for more information at


Crazy Horse 1          Crazy Horse 2

Crazy Horse

Every visit to Crazy Horse Memorial is unique. Viewing this world’s largest sculpture-in-progress, you may see and hear frequent drilling and mountain blasts and even take a rock home with you. You can spend a lot of time in the magnificent Indian Museum of North America and watch a Native American performance. A Native buffet is there too. Check it out at


Custer State Park

At Custer State Park you visit 71000 acres of spectacular terrain with many scenic opportunities, enthusiastic drives for you and beautiful and relaxing places to stop. You can choose planned formal drives at registration time. You can preview many opportunities at website before you go.


bisoncrossing_porsches_700x468         Custer State Park 2

Wildlife Loop

Casually driving Wildlife Loop you’ll enjoy grasslands and hills rife with wildlife. Frequently you may see burros and buffalo comfortable with traffic as they saunter to their next grazing spots. Typically you’ll take their pictures as well as pictures of prairie dogs, pronghorn antelope, mountain goats, elk and big horn sheep nearby.


Iron Mountain Road 1         Iron Mountain Road 2

Iron Mountain Road

You and your Porsche will feel enthusiastic with hairpin curves and when you go through small tunnels on Iron Mountain Road. You’ll feel spiraling changes in elevation with wooden pig tail bridges aiding changes. You’ll see Mount Rushmore framed in the distance through 3 different tunnels.


                      Needles Highway           Needles Highway 2

Needles Highway

You’ll appreciate Needles Highway as you wind through slender granite peaks on hairpin curves with great hills and valleys surrounded by trees and rocks.


                                    Custer State Park Game Lodge

Custer State Park Game Lodge

When you stop at Custer State Park Game Lodge you’ll relax and have a great lunch.


More in the Southern Black Hills


                 Prairie Berry 1       Prairie Berry 2

Prairie Berry Winery

When you visit small towns like Keystone and Hill City, wander through unique shops and eat local food including buffalo. Go underground in 5 different caves. Visit local brewing companies and wineries. Beer and wine are better in South Dakota than you might expect; you can taste a lot of variety.


                                       1880 Train

1880 Train

After driving in south hills for a while, just step back in time and board an 1880 Train. You’ll enjoy a 2 hour country ride between Hill City and Keystone just like your grandparents might have.


                                        Black Hills Aerial

Black Hills Aerial Adventures

For a different perspective, board a helicopter and enjoy ever-changing scenery from above.

You’ll see great variety in South Dakota Black Hills. You can view many options on this changing website. Entertaining drives through very beautiful country are north of Rapid City. You’ll see some of North Black Hills including Deadwood, Sturgis, and Spearfish in future additions to this website. You’ll go west to glimpse Devil’s Tower and east to the Badlands and maybe even consider a $.05 cup of coffee while shopping at Wall Drug.