Rapid City

In and around Rapid City, you can have fun with many appealing opportunities.


                             Rapid City


Rapid City Downtown

Go for a walk and take your camera along to take your picture beside lifesize bronzes of your favorite past 43 U.S. presidents. Take a trolley around Rapid City. Sit in downtown City Park and relax. Enjoy local musicians on street corners and try a variety of local and international food in restaurants.


                       Rapid City 1          Rapid City 2

Take a short walk from Escape headquarters to Journey Museum and walk through 7 acres of gardens. Experience an incredible trek through time. Beginning with formation of the mystical Black Hills you’ll see 2.5 billion years of history through rock records and exhibits of geology, paleontology, and archaeology.


               Black Hills Jewelry 1           Black Hills Jewelry

Black Hills Jewelry Factory

Tour Black Hills Jewelry Factory and watch jewelry made from start to finish. Enjoy the development process as you watch teams create hand-made pieces. Look at jewelry casting trees. See diamonds take shape.


                                 Ellsworth Air Force Base

South Dakota Air & Space Museum

Drive a few miles east to South Dakota Air & Space Museum for more than 25 historic bombers, fighters, utility aircraft, missiles and a variety of indoor aviation exhibits.


                                 Reptile Gardens

Reptile Gardens

Head south and visit Reptile Gardens to see Guinness Book of Records World’s Largest Reptile Zoo. Walk through botanical gardens. Observe reptiles, animals that have existed on earth for over 200 million years. You’ll see and learn about the first animal to live and reproduce on earth.


                                   Bear Country

Bear Country

Then drive through Bear Country and enjoy 3 miles of leisurely viewing wildlife including black bears, wolves, and elk. Young and small animals will entertain you as they frolic outdoors.

Find many other opportunities to enjoy at www.VisitRapidCity.com.