Places to Visit

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So Much To Do and See

The internationally popular tourist area offers an amazing range of things to do and see. Tangled winding mountain roads take you through this magnificent country where you are likely to spot free-range animals, national monuments, granite spires, forests of pine and even some beautiful open prairie.

With Rapid City as your headquarters, The Black Hills have so much to offer in whatever direction you point your Porsche. The geography changes significantly from the Badlands and Wall Drug in the east to the Black Hills in the center and the natural Devil’s Tower National Monument in the west. Each direction is geographically unique:


Mount Rushmore

This must see inspiring patriotic symbol features the faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln carved into a 5,725-foot-tall stone mountain. The area provides several dramatic views of the sculpture as well as a sculptor’s studio where rangers offer talks on how the monument was blasted and chiseled from the mountain.


Crazy Horse Memorial

This magnificent mountain carving is still in progress. When completed it will be 641 feet long and 563 feet high which is far larger than Mount Rushmore. It commemorates the 19th Century Lakota Warrior Crazy Horse who was a strategic tribal leader in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.


Northern Route

Enjoy the magical color changes in this northern drive through canyons and gorges. Visit Spearfish, Sturgis and Deadwood, each with its own national reputation and charm. Great twisties and scenic vistas provide some very entertaining driving opportunities.